Welcome to the Liverpool Signing Choir

Welcome to The Liverpol Signing Choir. We hope you will enjoy visiting our site and that you will be inspired by the young people of The Liverpool Signing Choir

The Liverpool Signing Choir is a unique city wide, inclusive, diverse choir based in Liverpool. Its priority is to perform the beauty of sign language through the universal media of music whilst encouraging social inclusion. The young people of the choir come from all walks of life some of whom are profoundly deaf and their ages range from 7yrs to approximately 24yrs.

The beauty of being a member of The Liverpool Signing Choir is you dont have to sing. Many young people would like to join a choir but may not have the confidence or have been told they cant sing. It doesnt matter to us whether you feel you can or cant sing as “Our Voices are in Our Hands”. We have whitnessed the development of young peoples confidence and self esteem while being members of The Liverpool Signing Choir.

If any young person would like to join The Liverpool Signing Choir rehearsals are every Tuesday from 5th Feb 2013 at 4.30pm to 6.pm at Broadgreen International School Heliers Rd Liverpool 13